Success in Practice Event

Surround yourselves with the experts!

Mon, Aug 7th

Terri Allison

"OSHA Made Easy. Really!"

Tue, Aug 8th

Wed, Aug 9th

Mon, July 31st

Laura Hatch

"Front Office Rocks"

Tue, Aug 1st

Wed, Aug 2nd

Dr. Uche Odiatu

"Keep Your Edge"

Thu, Aug 3rd

Dr. Michael Schuster

 "Dentistry at the Crossroads"

Fri, Aug 4th

Mon, July 24th

Dr. David Rice

"Get Connected"

Tue, July 25th

Wed, July 26th

Thu, July 27th

Fri, 28th

Mon, July 17th

Dr. Howard Farran

"Build Your Legacy"

Tue, July 18th

Dr. Chris Salierno

"OVERHEAD, overhead."

Wed, July 19th

Thu, July 20th

Fri, July 21st

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